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“Inside” Functors — Multiple Arguments

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“Inside” Functors

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Complex-valued linear models

Someone has probably already written code to do this. But I couldn’t find it in CRAN, so here goes. Oh no lm() won’t take complex numbers! (or rather, it’ll take them, but it’ll discard the imaginary part.) Easy enough fix. … Continue reading

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R SQL-ish aggregation

I came to R from SQL. I’ve heard that packages such as reshape and plyr are quite beautiful, but to me they are somewhat non-intuitive. I’m always looking for SELECT mean(sodium) as mean, variance(sodium) as var FROM texas GROUP BY … Continue reading

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Subset views in R

I don’t know how to do this in R. So let me just say why I can’t. I wanted something akin to Boost‘s sub-matrix views, where you can have indexes map back to the original matrix, so you don’t create … Continue reading

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Matlab-style multiple assignment in R

R again! You know how in Matlab you can do? S, I = sort(M) I like that. R generic functions makes this possible. First, let’s genericize assignment. I feel like regular “=” and “<-” oughta stay nongeneric, so let’s make … Continue reading

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Packing everything into a data.frame

OK, I know I talk about R too much, but I like R, so I’m going to talk about it some more. Common situation: repeat a procedure many times; each time generates some large wadge of awful-structured data, and in … Continue reading

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