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Subset views in R

I don’t know how to do this in R. So let me just say why I can’t. I wanted something akin to Boost‘s sub-matrix views, where you can have indexes map back to the original matrix, so you don’t create … Continue reading

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The best thing I have ever added to my ~/.vimrc

map q :q<Enter>

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Matlab-style multiple assignment in R

R again! You know how in Matlab you can do? S, I = sort(M) I like that. R generic functions makes this possible. First, let’s genericize assignment. I feel like regular “=” and “<-” oughta stay nongeneric, so let’s make … Continue reading

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Packing everything into a data.frame

OK, I know I talk about R too much, but I like R, so I’m going to talk about it some more. Common situation: repeat a procedure many times; each time generates some large wadge of awful-structured data, and in … Continue reading

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Reminding me what I’m doing

zsh makes it easy (there are sentences that begin like that, I promise) (and this would be simple in bash, too, but it gives me an opportunity to discuss the more confusing points of zsh) to include a little status … Continue reading

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Insert Date

I wanted a hotkey to insert the current date at the cursor in ALL programs. Turns out this is rather tricky, because there is (of course) no common API to “insert text” in all X programs (open standards means you … Continue reading

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